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Investigation of Sichuan company going to Wanyuan project in Dazhou
Publish time:2017.10.19View count: 1656number

To actively expand the company's business in Sichuan, promote the transformation and upgrading of the company, recently, deputy general manager of Sichuan Wang Wenbo led to Sichuan Dazhou Wanyuan of reservoir in oil depot and gas station sales company limited equity transfer project inspect.
In the investigation, Sichuan company detailed investigated the geographical location and the surrounding environment of 4 gas stations, the radiation range of the oil depot and the distance between the special lines of the railway transportation. After field survey, and the person in charge of the project for face-to-face communication, approved land use properties and related procedures grasp of the project, the oil gas station, the China oil equity structure and other matters, collected detailed data for the next possible cooperation.
The project investigation is the opportunity for Sichuan company to actively integrate the market quality resources and seize the two level market, which is of great significance for the transformation and development of the company.
Sichuan company's trade department and risk control department participated in the inspection.