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Shanghai company went to Nanjing and run enterprise management company inspection
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In September 15th, Shanghai new investment Energy Trading Co., Ltd. financial marketing department went to Nanjing and run Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. to conduct business inspection.
The survey is to implement the August 18th new energy development executive deputy general manager Yu Wandong and the general manager of Nanjing Huang Quhong talks spirit, and strive to promote the project plan landing. The total of the company situation and future development strategy in detail, the company formerly known as Nanjing valuable Cci Capital Ltd, established in 2005, is a comprehensive investment guarantee companies, small and medium enterprises financing guarantee company for the whole of Jiangsu province in 2016 to upgrade the loan business, financial assets investment, management and disposal derivative investment management, asset management and financial loans double development. The Shanghai company believes that both sides in the non-performing assets section cooperation opportunity more, at the same time to play Nanjing and run over the years accumulated in the capital of Jiangsu Province, the resource advantages of Nanjing, will be our business extends each section in the Jiangsu area.
Subsequently, the two sides discussed the details of cooperation, and agreed on the content of the program, including cooperation, investment returns, contract performance, risk control and so on.