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The company's first single auto parts export business started smoothly
Publish time:2017.10.19View count: 2053number

In September 8th, the company's first auto parts trade business involving automobile bearings in Shenzhen Dapeng port completed shipment to Vietnam Hu Zhiming City, marking the company's auto parts export business started smoothly.
In recent years, with the increase in external demand and the rapid development of China auto parts enterprises, auto parts export scale increased significantly, especially in the "The Belt and Road along the country, demand for auto parts grow with each passing day. In order to increase subsequent export business scale and added value, September 13-14, the new general manager of the International Energy Investment Co., Hu Zhengyong inspected the Ningxia automobile industry base, in-depth Ningxia Fisker Automotive Wheel Co., Ningxia Hongya features steel limited, a number of auto parts production enterprises, production enterprises to understand the situation of the industry to visit; the robot manufacturer - Ningxia Hui High-Tech Group Co. Ltd., and to achieve cooperation on industrial robots, intelligent machine tools and automotive industry intelligent products export.
Later, the company will further expand the scale of auto parts exports, and try to carry out industrial robot agent export business, to further improve the international trade business structure, improve business quality.